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With a passion for photography going back as long as I can remember I’m very privileged to be doing something I love for a living. After years of working in various photographic studios across Dublin, I decided to set up Philip Murray Photography in 2013. My other passion is doggies. Lovely furry waggly tailed doggies! Growing up with dogs my whole life and the proud owner of two woofers, Turk and Charlie (check them out below), I just can't get enough. I can't walk past a dog and not pet them. Using any excuse to hang out with some more cuddly woofers, I

work with many dog charities such as The Blue Cross, Sara Husky and Animal Rescue, The DSPCA and Angie's Ark Rescue and Rehoming. If you're reading this and work for any animal charities, please give me a shout. I'd happily donate some of my time help you out anyway I can.


Over the years, I’ve recognised that lots of families intend to book a family photoshoot but for various reasons, never actually get around to it. When asked why, the most common answer was that between the children’s after school activities and the parents’ different work schedules, organising a day to go to a studio proved too difficult.


It was then I realised the simple solution: I can bring the studio to you!


Using my portable studio now gives families and clients much more freedom when it comes to the time and location of their photoshoot.

(My Favourite Dog)

At the time of writing this Turk is 14 and a half years old, which is pretty good going for a Springer Spaniel. I don’t want to say he’s stupid but…he has his own way of doing things and…he mightn’t be the smartest but I wouldn’t change him for the world. Bonkers doesn’t even begin to describe the type of dog he is. It’s a well-known fact that Springers are nuts and he is the poster dog for that title. He’s starting to slow down now but if 1 human year is 7 dog years, I don’t know how spritely I’d be at 98 either.

In his more youthful days, the only way to stop him running was to physically restrain him. But it’s not in the fields and the paths he runs, oh no, it’s through the bushes, whether they are thorn bushes or not, he’s jumping into them and carving his own path! I often have to put him back on his lead just until we get past the thorns just so he doesn’t do any (more) damage to himself. Turk has an unusually long tongue (as you can see in his photo) but this is never more obvious than when he’s running. One time while walking around Killiney Hill, Turk went missing. I decided to walk back the way I came to try find him and on my way back to the obelisk, I passed a woman and asked her if she had seen a Springer Spaniel running around on the top of the hill. She paused for a moment and replied: ‘Oh yes, there's springer up there with a massive tongue. He’s running around like a lunatic. That could be him!’. There was no doubt in my mind that was Turk.

For the last two years I’ve had a stand at Ireland’s Family Pet Expo in the RDS and I always bring Turk along with me for the weekend. Last year he won ‘Best Veteran' and this year he won ‘Best Rescue’. Look at him there with his Rosette.

What a handsome lad!

(My Other Favourite Dog)

Charlie is 11 and is a Jack Russell/Whippet Cross (well that’s what the vet reckons anyway, it’s hard to tell). She basically looks like a shrunken down whippet with a head of a Jack. She’s an absolute diva and will jump up on the couch to curl up with you any chance she gets. We found Charlie, or rather, Charlie found my Dad one day while he was playing golf about 10 years ago. Dad brought her home and the next day we brought her to our vet to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t. Charlie didn’t have a collar but the vet noticed that the fur

around Charlie’s neck was folded up where she used to have one, so the vet figured that Charlie was probably dumped at the golf course the previous day. It was around May/June and this is supposedly the prime ‘throw your dog away’ time for people who got a dog at Christmas and don’t want it anymore. Hoping this wasn’t the case, we put up some notices in the local shops around Greystones but no joy. So we decided to keep her! Obviously we had no idea what this little dog’s name was when we first found her but she was found at Charlesland Golf Course, so Charlie it was! Unlike Turk she is very smart. I don’t normally like to say one dog is dumb and one is smart but a classic example of ‘smarts’ vs ‘not-so-smarts’ is when they eat. When they finish, they lick their bowls clean. Every time Turk licks his bowl it moves forward a bit, and he continues to push the bowl around the deck and all over the garden. Charlie on the other hand, puts one paw in her bowl while she licks around it. Her bowl doesn’t go anywhere! Meanwhile, Turk’s bowl usually ends up under a bush. 

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