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I’ve been meaning to get this done for years” is an all too familiar comment I hear from families who had the best intentions to book a photoshoot in a studio but just never got around to it. When asked why, the most common answer was that between the children’s after school activities and the parents’ different work schedules, organising a day to go to a studio proved too difficult.


It was then I realised the simple solution: I'll bring the studio to you!

It's not always convenient to take the whole family or pets to a studio but I can make this easy by coming to you and setting up a portable studio in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to photographing pets and young children, what better way to eliminate the stress of an unfamiliar studio then by having your photoshoot in the place where they feel most at ease.

Check out how a Homeshoot works on the Homeshoot Experience info page.

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